Coffee shops, what are they missing

A recent survey has suggested that coffee shops are missing out on a staggering £2.8 million per month, in lost sales opportunities. The research was undertaken in Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Neo and independents, found that only 3% of the coffee shops customers bought food or drink items on impulse – lower than any other retail sector looked at in the study, including fast food chains, convince stores, small supermarkets and pharmacies.

There is a £2.8m a month opportunity if coffee shops could encourage just one in ten customers to pick up something on impulse. Currently one in two customers just buy one item in coffee shops. The majority only buy a hot drink. Many coffee shops staff are trained to ask would you like a Danish with your latte. This tack does not seem to be achieving the desired results. Only 36% of people said they went to buy a drink and food, is the message getting through that food is on offer?

So what can you stock to increase your customers spend? Cupcakes are always a good bet and if you can make them in-house they will offer a great return or why not check out our eye-catching and delicious range of gingerbread deluxe Farm is our best-selling range, this offers a great year round solution and individually wrapped are perfect for take away. Visit for more information or email


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