British and Proud

British Food fortnight (17th of Sept – 2nd of October) just around the corner now is the time to roll out all that is great and British.

This year’s British food fortnight is a perfect opportunity to try out new lines and attract new customers. 2012 is predicted to be a key year for all British retailers research carried out on behalf of Visit Britain predicts that gross visitor spend in Britain generated by the London 2012 Games will be £2.34 billion for the ten year period 2007 to 2017, of which £1.85 billion will be spent in London (based on a central-case scenario). Whilst London with be the biggest benefactor a 1/3 of visitors are predicted to visit many other parts of our great country.

In light of this information from Visit Britain, why not take the opportunity to use this British Food fortnight to gain exposure for your shop and maximise all things British that you sell.

Our top tips for maximising this fortnight are as follows:

Create an eye catching window display
This is vital to catch passing traffic, we love the union jack bunting.
Simply touches like this can really lift the window display as you can add this to the inside or outside of the window. Making an eye catching window display is vital to catch your customer’s attention and get them through the door.
Don’t forget to make sure prices are visible in the window as customers hate to ask how much things cost and no one can afford to loose sales.

Add Variety
Why not add new products for the fortnight, check out what local suppliers you have and stock some local British products. If you can offer a 6 – 10 new lines you are more likely to catch your customers attention and drive up the average spend. Why not check out the lines that, we have on offer at or that House of Sarunds and Hider Fine Foods have to offer.

In-store display
It is vital to offer eye catching displays in store as you do not want to disappoint your customers once they are in your shop. We love this retail display unit from WBC it is a great addition to any shop as it has a small footprint but offers maximum visual impact. Combined with black boards it can be used to add a striking visual display to your store. For a wide variety of retail solutions check out

Try something New
If you haven’t tried non food before this could be a perfect opportunity to do so, non food items don’t have to be expensive and can offer solutions to your customers such as a cotton bag, which your customers will use again and saves you buying plastic bags. Stocking non food is a balancing act as you want to offer products that compliment what you already offer so look at lovely china if you are a tea rooms or kitchen gadgets if you are farm shop. This time of year is perfect as people will be thinking about Christmas gifts and often want to by locally.

Have a great British Food Fortnight. For more tips and advice check out


2 responses to “British and Proud

  1. Hey guys, loving the new blog, and you’re so right. Thinking outside the box and coming up with creative ways to keep customers enthused, is an absolute must for all independent retailers. Just because cash might be tight doesn’t mean you can’t bag a healthy profit by thinking about how you present your products and offering them in themed hampers. Well done for keeping us inspired. Buy british!

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