Making Seasonal Sales work for you


Many of you may ask what all the fuss is about when it comes to seasonal sales, why do we need to be stocking Halloween products before the kids are even back at school!
Planning your seasonal offers is vital to maximising the sales opportunity these occasion drive. It may seem very commercial but we are all in the business of making money and maximising each sale.

The key factors to making these events work for you and your business is to:

Plan – It is vital that you plan and know when you are going to launch the product range for each event and how long the sales period is. This will also give you the opportunity to tie in your marketing, PR and advertising around the launch. It is amazing what a difference social media (Facebook and Twitter) can make to these events. We know there are not enough hours in the week and by planning you will save time, avoid costly mistakes and financially it helps the bank balance.

Product – Choosing the right product is essential winning formula. Many suppliers have done the hard work for you by compiling a range for each key event. You know your customers best and therefore know what will sell in your store. Choose a selection of products that encourages your customers to try new things and increases their average spend. For a sweet option why not check out the range The House of Sarunds stock. They offer a wide variety of confectionery products with a number of lines in shelf ready trays, perfect for easy counter tops sales such as Jelly belly beans 50g RRP 99p or Ducd’O Pralin’O 42g RRP 75p

Price points – Offering your customers a wide variety of price points is essential to catering for your market place, offering low entry points for pocket money and higher priced products to increase the spend for take home treats. Ensure all your products are clearly priced as customers never like to ask. If they are not, it may cost you a sale.

Positioning – The display and location of your range for these seasonal events is key. Pester power works well at till points, but you need to make sure you range is eye catching and displayed well to ensure your customers see the products and buy them. Try stocking products that are not sold widely in supermarkets you are then positioning your shop with a point of difference. Why not check out the range WBC have to offer. They have a great range of baskets and display crates, perfect for window displays and counter tops.

Why are seasonal sales important?
Seasonal products can offer great opportunities to drive sales and bring extra cash into the till. For example Halloween was once seen as an event not many people were involved in. This has all changed. This trading period is now worth 20 times more than it was 10 years ago. Sales have grown in the Grocery sector from £12m in 2001 to £280m in 2010 according to Planet Retail. It is not up to the big retailers to offer something for these seasonal opportunities; your customers will want something too.

What benefits do seasonal sales offer?
There are many benefits to capitalising on seasonal sales, many retailers often find that by offering new seasonal products it attracts new customers and customers are the life blood of any retail outlet. Once you have the new customers it is vital to keep refreshing your product offering to keep them and encourage more of there friends to join them.

Communicating seasonal offers with your customers.
Communication with your customers is vital whether you are using social media, point of display, newsletters and the majority of you will be using a mixture of all of three of them. But don’t forget to get your sales staff involved in communicating what is new; it is vital as they are ambassadors for your shop and brand.
Enjoy maximising your seasonal sales, from all at Image on Food.
Vhari Russell – Image on Food

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